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iM3 Dental Unit

Pets suffer from dental disease just like people do. In fact, it is the number one under-treated health problem of our pet dogs and cats. Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art iM3 Elite Veterinary Dental unit. This allows us to take care of your dog's or cat's teeth with the proper tools. There is an ultrasonic scaler, low speed polisher, suction and a high speed drill for extractions. Dental nerve blocks and use of the right tools make your pet's dental safer and more comfortable.




X-Ray Table

Sometimes it is nice to be able to see inside the animal. With our digital X-Ray unit, we can make pictures of internal organs or bones. These pictures help tell us how to repair the break or if an animal needs surgery to remove a pool ball or if they just have gas.




Reception Area

This is the view when you first come in the door at Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital. We pride ourselves on keeping a clean hospital that smells good.


Exam Room


Exam Room

The exam room features a Canis Major lift table with a built in scale. The table top is a gel mat that dogs and cats can stand or sit on comfortably without slipping.
We pride ourselves in providing a thorough physical exam on every pet, at every visit, from tip to tail! We will also listen carefully to any questions or concerns you might have about your pet. The doctor will see you and your pet at every visit--no "technician visits" here.





The hospital has 2 set of cages where animals stay while they are in the hospital. There are various sized cages in each set so a big dog or a small cat can have the appropriate amount of room.

At Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital, our kennel is quiet and peaceful for hospitalized patients to recover, therefore we do not offer boarding or grooming for healthy pets. Our patients go home at the end of the day after their surgery or when they are feeling better, to spend the night with their family.




Surgery Room

Dr. Cripps performs surgery daily at the hospital. The surgery room is equipped with a state of the art Burton overhead surgery light, electronic monitors for EKG (heart rate and rhythm), SPO2 (oxygen level), Blood Pressure and Respiratory (breathing) rate, and isoflurane inhalation anesthesia. The surgery table is covered with a circulating warm water heating pad. The x-ray table is located conveniently next to the surgery area.





The hospital was quite a sight when we moved in and started renovations. Here is the outhouse that sat in the back yard. We have modern bathrooms that are handicap accessible.

And just in case anyone is wondering, this was a prop for a museum and was not in service!


Saint Francis Statue


Saint Francis Statue

Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. Click on the link above under About Us/Information (Why Saint Francis?) to read more about him.

This statue was given to Dr. Cripps by Father Jeffrey L'arche.

One of our first clients saw the clinic with the name Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital, so stopped to ask if we were a veterinary hospital associated with the church or if we would see Jewish dogs and cats. Dogs and cats with owners of all faiths are welcome at Saint Francis Veterinary Hospital.


Go Bucks!


OSU Fan Sign

Drs Chris and Sarah Cripps met while studying at The Ohio State University. We don't have a "caution, wet floor sign." And yes, we do see Michigan dogs and cats, but not Wolverines.