Veterinary Care for Cats:


yearly health check-up and any time ongoing illness is noted



FELV/FIV Test (for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus)

Fecal Exam if persistently abnormal stools are noted



(all kittens), then 1-2 x yearly in at-risk cats



FVRCP (Distemper) - (series of 2 for all kittens) repeated every 1-3 years

Leukemia - (series of 2 for all kittens) repeated yearly for at-risk cats

Rabies - repeated every 1-3 years


Spay / Neuter:

at 6 months of age prior to first heat cycle

adult cats can also be spayed or neutered


Flea / Tick control:

(even for indoor-only cats)


Dental Care:

per each individual cat's needs